Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heidi settling in and Fence repaired from Bahloo

 Heidi came for the winter so she wasn't so lonely. 

 After the initial hour of chasing, nipping and kicking, she stayed up near the barn, and Pheonix and Bahloo went back to munch Hay. 
 Sorry, the camera wouldn't get any closer.
Heidi watched us for a little while, we were setting up to fix the fence.
Bahloo and Heidi are much better buddies now, and Heidi makes Bahloo look dainty. 

You can see the bracer bar and the nice tight shiney Barb wire strand to keep Bahloo off the fence.

Afternoon Nap time.

As the sun went down they were all munching hay together.  Day or two and Heidi will be completely blended into the 'herd'. 


Jim Warner said...

Now Heidi can scratch herself! She loves barbed wire.

Heather said...

Naw, it's too high for scratching herself, it's wayyy up there near my shoulder level.