Friday, January 27, 2012

Pictures not off the Camera yet

But I got words to write.
Well for one, I ordered my saddle- identical to Lisa's except for it's brown(only so it matches the girths I already have when I put it on Bahloo) and it came with the exact bit I've been looking for, for Heidi.  It matches the bit that Shannon had in her bridle that she used on Heidi-awesome! The stirrups I ordered(comes with 4.5 inch, I need 5 inch for my feet) came in as well, so saddle is together and out in the barn. Anyone need the saddle pad(too small for a 19 inch saddle), the 4.5 inch stirrups or a 44" girth? Hahaha.  I've got two girths on order, one is a lightly used 54" and the other is new 64 inch from's see what fits.  I suggested to hold onto the 68" only if Heidi starts putting back on the weight she does over the summer, we'll need a bigger girth again, right now she enjoys romping with Bahloo in the feild. 

I've had 3 dutch litters born recently, Keisha has 6-blacks and steels, Ebony has 7 blues and Anna has 5 blue and blue steel- AWESOME- I got BLUES.  I'm planning on attending Dutch Nationals this year and apparently quite a few Dutch breeders had a hard time getting babies so there won't be much challenge in Juniors at Nationals-Good news for me.  It'll be a several day adventure in Penn. 
Bree had her New Zealand litter same day as Ebony had her kits, she had 10-5 solid black, 5 broken blacks- but lost two of the solid blacks from freezing- her nest wasn't quite big enough for all 10 to fit in- she had a big enough box though.  But keeping 8 after having 10 for a first time mom isn't bad at all and she is by far my smallest doe-not small by any means being around 11 pounds but Xena, Ruby, and Trixie all outsize her, and Juliet's not old enough to be bigger but almost equals her in size.  So baby bunny pictures soon to come.  Gotta get them all uploaded to the computer and then to Photobucket so I can get them  here. 

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Kathy said...

Can't wait to see the baby bunny pictures!