Monday, December 3, 2012

Saddle re-fit

The saddle was sitting too flat on Heidi's back as she's getting fitter(ie-losing the fat!) and gaining some withers.  I had the saddle with the 4x gullet in the saddle, so I dropped it down to the 3x
Heidi was more relaxed under saddle this time we got more work done this time with our little 'schooling' session in the backyard.
And ended with a halt and patting.
Whenever I/We can find a lesson barn that's willing to accomidate plus sized riders- It would be so nice to get a few more english lessons so I know more of what I am doing as I attempt to continue Heidi's knowledge.
She still needs a TON more miles under saddle to be considered anything other than green broke, she still doesn't understand much, but assuming I can get everything done early enough tomorrow, I'll get her out again before the rain. 

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