Sunday, January 2, 2011


The above picture is from New Years Day. It was rainy so I took Jazz's light blanket and tossed it on Tessa, it fits Tess better than it fits Jazz! So over the summer I shall buy Jazz new blankets and use the old ones for Tessa. Tessa doesn't need the heavy one yet, but that gives me a couple years to get it repaired back up, I'll keep the light one for very rainy/snowy days so she doesn't get soaked. Eventually I plan to build a 2 stall barn up in the back corner.

Today I took Tessa out for a little ground work, so that she knows what I'm asking of her. Everybody trains differently and I have my guys all based out of a Pat Parelli/Monty Roberts/Clint Anderson Natural horsemanship cross.

I do have blue polo's for her legs, I just grabbed the red ones this morning, she'll look far better in blue.

Dad came and took these for me, I was trying to get her to pay attention to me, it worked enough to quit on a good note today.

My western doesn't fit her well. I'm going to try my english saddle on her. If that doesn't fit either I'll probably sell both the black western (unless Aunt Lisa wants it) and the english; then buy a saddle that will fit her.

Phoenix and Jazz had the day down.

After Tessa got let back out and they had finished eating, Sherralyn and Tessa are buddies.

Tessa's on the most work to put her where I want her before she turns 3. Once she turns three I'll start riding her. I'm not in the habit of breaking horses to saddle until they turn three.

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