Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hoss's side fencing project!

Dad and I worked on the fenceline between us and Hoss.  It had been some barbwire.  Amazingly enough there were enough spots that the big girls could have just stepped over it and gone into Hoss' feild and they didn't.  Good Girls! 
Looking up towards the back corner- we didn't quite make it all the way. Dad thought that roll would have made it, but looks like we'll be peicing it with the rest of my other roll.  That last big tree is where we cut it off, leaving less than 10 feet of the roll.  I took a TON of the barb wire down, it was rusted and on the ground anyway.

I didn't get the time to attach the t-posts yet, that'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon.  But it looks smooth coming back from Lois'. 

And Today I betadined Heidi's belly and put children's strength Benedryl anti itch gel on it,  I took new pictures to show the vet tomorrow when I go up there to ask him what to do. 

Tis a good thing she doesn't mind me climbing around under her! 

I should have re scrubbed her belly but the sun was disappearing quickly so I just grabbed fly masks off for the evening.  She hadn't started to itch again until very late this afternoon.
Had to get a video of her scratching too, it's just so funny looking
Tomorrow first thing in the morning is a quick visit to Dr. Joe, then lunch with dad at Red Lobster, and then an afternoon of re-brushing the horses clean and probably bathing Heidi and Phoenix.  Phoenix has the same bumps and scabs as Heidi, I just never see him scratch like she does-Bahloo's been scratching but I don't feel any bumps-that could be from the mud though.   Pheonix does have a small rip in his skin on his leg from what looks to be him itching himself, and I cleaned that up and put some scarlett spray on it after I took his flymask off. 

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