Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shepardsville Rabbit show!

Sorry, beyond too tired to post this last night. 
At the start of the show, judging has just barely begun, you can see my dutch stacked up in the middle.  Small building with several national shows going on.

Took some pictures of the Harliequins for Aunt Lisa to see.  Harliequin nationals were there, so lots of Harlie breeders!
I never did like the Japanese Harlie's so I only took pics of the Magpie's.  Japanese have a base color of orange with the other color, Magpie's have a base of White with the other color. 
Chocolate's and blacks there, blue's Below! 

This was taken a short while before Best in Show, showing started.  A lot of people left- they had to go watch that basketball game- UK versus Louisville Cardinals! 

There's little miss Connie up on the table for Best in Show, show A.  She was between the Dwarf Hotot and the standard Rex. 
Close up

Catherine at Best in Show, Show B with her Natalie.  My Natalie is a steel, hers is a black.  Both Connie(and my Natalie) and her Natalie are all kits out of my doe Keisha.  Keisha's proving to be a wonderful brood doe! 
Connie and Natalie ready to head home . . .

Home and unpacked.  New carrier is Dutch sized, old one is New Zealand size.  I got two of the dutch sized ones.

This is the little 'tag along' as I called her that I got from the raffle and brought home.  No one wanted her as they didn't furnish her pedigree for the raffle.  Proven mother and a broken Chinchilla color.  I figure once-maybe twice a year I'll breed her with Speedle so Speedle can ride something other than his food crock. 

My ribbons from the Show.  5 blue, 3 red in Show A.  4 Blue, 4 red show B.  The ribbons colors co-inside with horse show ribbons too- I managed to escape with all blue and red- no whites! 

All-in-all very good day, the buck I took Best Opposite Sex of breed with has made his way to Indiana with two does that I had for sale.  No trophies as Dutch were not sanctioned this time around(they will be next year though, Catherine and I will see to it!), but they had extra mugs from Best Opposite sex, so we got a mug!


sheltiemom said...

Thank you for the pictures!!! I'd like a black magpie! How big are they?

Heather said...

you liked the black magpie? Huhm figured you'd like the blues, I was trying to get the dude to drop the price of the blue magpie doe he had so I could bring her home for you. slightly smaller than the New Zealands.
Harliquin Sr weights 6.5-9 pounds (bucks) and 7-9.5 pounds(does)
New Zealand Sr weights are Bucks 9-11, Does 10-12

Jim Warner said...

Congratulations on all the ribbons!