Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hopping Good!

Phoenix's mane has gotten long!!! maybe by spring he'll have a nice long mane, it'll never be thick, but I love the shading. . .

Here's a little picture of Bo. He's doing well, so far. He's stopped the kicking. Grandma watched me this morning when I took a rope and softly 'smacked' him all the way around and he didn't lift a hoof. I'm working on the biting and the under foot thing still. I put his butt against my knees and leaned over him to scratch his chest without him moving except his ears back to listen. I was able to sit cross legged on the ground and not get stepped on, he pawed my leg once and got smacked and told No and he didn't try it again. he came adn gave me some kisses saying he was sorry-hence the picture. So hopefully with a bit more he'll have some manners! He's working on his feet too.

Here's Wordy! He loved coming out into the horse pasture and meeting Arizona and Sundown. He just let them sniff him.

And Shelly, she's not as amused with a harness, but she came out to hop around in the grass, she wanted nothing to do with those horses! Big scary Mini Horses! Heaven help her if she ever meets Heidi and Phoenix!

And Gabriel, he's just finishing his moult so his fur is still in rough condition, as you can see from his head and crown, but the topside of his back is got good winter coat in. Just wait till spring with him, he'll do nice on the show tables!

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