Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mini Update

Jazz looks WONDERFUL, the best she's ever looked in years weight wise. I'm very happy Aunt Lisa suggested the Mare and Foal feed. And We've messed with her blanket enough to get her fur to grow.

And naturally Phoenix looks like Mr. Chubbs, but he's only been getting grain to get a hoof suppliment. His feet seem hard, not quite as hard as Heidi's feeties.

And I actually got Bo to stand for a picture. I've had his mane in rubberbands to get it to one side. Other than the oddball lengths it actually came over! He's starting to shape up and resemble the girls now.

The babies are getting so BIG! 2 and a half weeks until they leave for NY with Allen after Thanksgiving. Even the little dutch baby.

I sold one down here, one of the solid chocolate's, her name ended up Mocha. Mocha lives with her daddy, Eddy. I swapped Eddy and Mocha for Oreo, my broken black otter buck with Sheri(not my aunt).

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Heather said...

Well okay, Bo resemble th egirls in the manner of looks only. Manners, well, he's going to go out tomorrow and learn a few, he did get a hoof landed on my leg this morning. I chased him from the herd and kept him out until he receded and asked to come back. GOod thing he's still small and young, it didn't hurt and barely left a mark. The ladies will love the extra treats tomorrow!!