Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rabbit update- getting ready for show.

Well turns out Samantha may not be riding with me afterall, it was kind of depressing, so I took Amita out to snuggle with this morning. I let her hop for a bit in the grass too.

I might bring her just so she can get out and I'll bring an X-pen so she can hop around. If I can find my harness' I'd bring those for them to hop.
Missy Montana(below) is in a new home. She's now a pet, I've tried breeding her and she won't take, and I've tried to show her, and she over stress' and gives herself a stress cold.

And Lindsay(below) trying to hid from me, she's good about posing for the camera, since I tattooed her. She'll be okay to show, I'm not expecting alot of her in her first show, but I would LOVE for her to do very well.

Everyone else is doing wonderful, they love Aunt Lisa & Uncle Jim's messed up collard leaves.

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