Thursday, March 24, 2011

All the babies pictures

 I figured since I have 6 litters in the nest boxes, I'd post pictures of all of them as they are right now.  I took pictures this morning but didn't hold out for long, it's chilly out especially on the dutch and New Zealand litters.

These are Smokie's babies, all 6 survived.  3 blues and 3 blue otters, born 3-16

The english spots babies, 2 lilac and 5 blues, born 3-17

The velveteen lop babies, 3 blue torts, 3 torts, 2 broken torts!  All from 3/18

 These are the holland litter- Still not sure what color these guys are going to be, but there's 4 of them from 3/19.
The hollands were from one of the Sable Point sisters that was sent to me bred.

 The 19th ended my streak of babies for a few days.  The 24th dawned with 3 litters, the last 3 due in March.   I ahve 2 Mini rex does due in April and one Holland Lop, but that is all.  I've palpated both Mini rex does and feel nothing, but I shall wait until a week before they are due to palpate again so I know to put boxes in or not for all 3 does.

 Trisha gave me 8 more babies this morning, one baby had froze to death due to the cold weather and it didn't get back under the fur with it's littermates to keep warm.  The other 8 are fine, fed and warm. 

Kylie gave me 4 babies to her father, so he's a father and grandfather at once.  I had been told to line breed her back to her father to produce some wonderful marked babies, well it didn't work out, these kits are mismarked. 
The other sable Holland Lop doe was bred to what I am calling a bad buck, that buck hasn't with 5(I think) different does not produced any live kits, and the does are proven mothers.  She had 5 DOA kits. 

Here's some updated pictures of Skye's babies, they'll be five weeks old on Monday the 28th. 
 Ezmerelda- very sweet little girl  loves to come give me kisses every morning.
 Morgan- the only boy in the bunch.  He's my little lover boy, his daddy's my big lover boy.
Ezmerelda and Morgan have a tort sister, but she along side Amelia's one gray dutch baby are sold to a lady if she still wants them, or if she wants to wait until the weekend before easter to come pick the four babies she wants out of all the litters.

These will be the last of the babies that will be 4 weeks by easter and in theory sell-able for Easter. 

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Anne said...

The babies are adorable. Morgan looks like a stuffed toy. What a cutie!