Saturday, March 12, 2011

The new fur kids in the barn

Thisis Verdon's Alex.  A sable point buck that Cindy sent down for me.  I had told them I was looking for Sable Points.   He's a very light Sable Point, father to Diana and Tiana.
This is Diana, Alex's daughter.  Cindy bred both of the girls to different boys before they came down and they are due in the next 2 weeks.    A very dark Sable Point. 

This is Tiana, Alex's other daughter.  perfect shading of Sable for me, not too light not too dark. 

Baby Firecracker.  I think she's my favorite.  Speedle's half sister, both are by Rocket.  She's a brood doe but I ADORE the coloring, hence the only reason I was able to let Freckles go, had to share the black and whites. 
This is Aurora, that Rachel bought and brought down for me.  She's only 7 weeks old when she came down but she's great in type, such a sweet heart. 

This is the little girl I bought at the show, I decided to call her Willow.  She's broken Blue tort. 

One of Skye's little girls, this tort baby is sold, I'm keeping the other two babies.
Black doe- Esmeralda and the sable point buck- Derek
The dutchie babies I didn't bother to post pictures of because they are all sold.  Cher, Diana, Tiana, Sophie, Cindy are all big and chubby with babies, still waiting for babies to be born though . . .  I'm anxious.  Cher and Cindy are all first time mommys.   Worried and anxious all at the same time.
I had to get a picture of the furry kids.  Naturally I had brushed them both out fed the bunnies and came out to take a picture and Pheeny had already rolled in the mud. 


Jim said...
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sheltiemom said...

I love the colors on your new bunnies!

Jim said...

One of yours looks spotted like Kate. Is it a different breed?

Heather said...

yep. my little black and white is a holland lop. shes got a partial blue eye too though you can't see it in the picture

Anne said...

WOW! They are beautiful!