Sunday, March 20, 2011

More babies, projects, and hand grazing

 I had several requests to breed out my velveteen Lops again, so I did.  Result- 8 darling babies born on the 18th!  3 solid tort, 3 solid blue tort and 2 broken torts!  At least one baby will be staying with moi- one of the broken torts.  I gave my last broken tort to Rachel to take home.

Diana and Tiana were two Sable Point Holland Lop does that Rachel brought me down from Cindy already bred.  I've waited and waited for these two does to kindle.  Yesterday(19th) I was out in the barn and was able to watch my first Rabbit birth- Thank you Diana!  Lasted all of 7 minutes from the time she hopped into the box till the time she hopped out to munch her afterbirth and start cleaning herself back up. 

 2 Babies- taken at 10 minutes old.   Not yet licked clean and dry or had their first feeding.
 The other two babies at 10 minutes old. 
 All four babies not quite 24 hours old.  3 are going to be blue tort like their dad and the 4th(under the pile) looks to be tort.  maybe a dark blue tort, but no Sable points like their mommy. 
 This is the other doe, Diana.  She's huge and ready to pop anyday now.  Her babies are to a broken Opal buck, Spencer.  Rachel's pride buck.
 Trishy in her new box that dad and I built for her today.  It was made the same size as Rosie's.  Hopefully this time her litter won't outgrow it.
 Me buliding the box.  The pictures are a bit out of order.
 The 3 different sized whelping boxes I have.  The largest on the left is Trishy's.  I only have the one anyway.  The middle box is for English Spots, Velveteen Lops, and my dutch.  The Hollands don't like it because it's so big.  The smallest on the right is for the Hollands.  I need to build more of those Holland boxes.  Does don't like sharing boxes.

 I've started getting more crocks for food dishes since my metal clip on dishes are wearing out.  I'm labeling the dishes, not for my sake but everyone else when they cover me when I'm away.  I know all my rabbits apart. 

 Dad and I had Phoenix and Tessy out to hand graze over at Alfies for hour and a half today.   Dad took "Pops" or now Gramps but most of the time we just looped the lead around his neck and left him.
I had Tessy, she's a bit more fidgety so I don't let her loose very often.  Bad photographer- I have my hands in the shadow in there.  I should have *known* better.  Bad girl, must get back into practice if I'm going to start doing Photography jobs as a side job.

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