Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last update for a little while . . . Gotta go back to work

It's been a glorious 5 days off, some Thunderstorms this afternoon but oh well.  We needed the cool off and I was already sunburned.

 Bad first picture, but this is Trishy's last time being bred until December, I don't want to try and winter any babies in the meat pens.  These last ones should be butchered before Christmas.
 After visiting Aragorn, she got her nails clipped and primped a little bit, still not socially out going like Rosie.  I shall learn for the next one!

 This was taken as the storm was rolling in this afternoon.  It was thundering and a little bit of cloud to cloud lightening But I went out to grab fly masks
 He's looking a lot better-almost shed out completely, time to catch up with the rest of the horse population!
 Them grazing . . .
Then the storm rolled in, I'm glad I got the rabbit cages cleaned as it started to rain.  I ran back to the house intending on getting this all posted but then we got hail, so I got pictures. 
 One really big peice . . .
 I nabbed it and brought it inside for better pictures
 Next to a bathroom cup.  It was fairly good sized.  I've never seen hail that big before!
Looks like we put Rock salt on the porch, it's all peices of smaller hail. 
The last of the storms at least until later, have just finished passing through.  Finally open up the windows in the house again and cool it back off!
Well it's been a wonderful 5-day weekend off from work.  Next step, sell one saddle and buy me a new one for Tessa, I'm going to get a treeless one like Aunt Cathryn's.  I've still got that website saved.  
I might have a bridle coming in for Aunt Lisa too, black with white stitching, leather.  I'm talking to the lady online that has it.  If she can find it, I'll have it mailed down. It's inexpensive but it's something if she wants it to start with for Heidi.