Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meager random Rabbitry update with Breyers

 I had been waiting on this litter for a long time.  I wanted more Speedle babies so here's his first set!  I don't think Diana, the other doe that's bred to him, will keep her babies as she's being treated for Vents right now, but Felicity is keeping hers so far, 5 good sized babies and 1 peanut.  The peanut I already know won't make it, they never do make it past a few days.
 Sophie's babies are getting bigger, this litter came out totally different from her last two litters.  5 brokens this time.  These are the 4 broken blue torts
 The two solid blue torts
The solid and broken tort.
Sophie's last two litters only had 2 brokens in each litter. This time she shocked me with 5 brokens.  I'm keeping the broken tort and one of the solid blue torts to grow out.

 I bought this breyer today at TSC, they had her on clearance and she was marked down to $19.99 on the box, but she rang up $12.99.  I've been eye balling this model since she first came out.  What can I say?  I love roans.  This is Bet Your Blue Boons. 

She's one I traded for off Model Horse $ales Page.  Her name is Red Rock.
 The Roan collection.  Back row: Shasta Moon, Bet Your Blue Boons, Red Rock, Nakota Horse.
Front Row: Red Roan Foalie, Classic sized red roan stallion, bay roan foal, palamino roan mare. 
I have one more red roan mare coming in and then I'm going to start working on the paints that I've wanted- Starting with Hidalgo, Spirit and Rain. 

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