Sunday, May 8, 2011

Picture Spamming, Barn work.

Okay first I have to say, sorry.  I picture Spam Tessa~ALOT, but what can I say?  I love my girl.

 Tessy looks cute with Phoenix, the two are quite the pair.

 Just look at her!  Isn't she drop dead Gorgeous?!  Good thick legs, large muscular chest and haunches.  Very solid little lady.
 Her chest is at least as wide as Phoenix's if not a little bit wider, she's going to be a stocky thing.
 I had mom cut my hair up another 3 to 4 inches last night, to get rid of split ends and some more of the sun bleached dyed hair.  It's not overly short, but not excessively long either.
 I did an over haul cleaning of the barn so I had room to move in there and what not.  Gave me time and made the barn feel roomier.

 Also, to make sure I don't go back up in number of rabbits again, I took down some of the cages.  Put my saddles there instead for easy access to them for riding.

Just a short little walk through of the barn.  Not the best in the world since it was so sunny outside and the barn is darker and cooler.  Plus the camera's not the greatest, this is the little camera, the DSLR doesn't have a Video function- at least not that I have found yet.

 I also cleaned my saddle for tomorrow's ride.  So finally my poor saddle got it's cleaning done.  It's been needing it for a while.  Tessy will look so good in her freshly cleaned saddle, with ugly me in it!  LOL. 

 I took a damp sponge to the black saddle to clean it up as well, prepping it for tomorrow's ride.  Dad's taking this saddle and Phoenix.

 I had more requests for Velveteens so I had rebred Sophie, she had 8 yesterday.  Look at them tiny little claws! 
White Gold's black Chinchilla buck decided he wanted to play peek-a-boo over the cage door with me.  He's adorable. 


Jim Warner said...

I think the DSLR has HD video. I thought I saw it when I was poking around. Did you find out how to get the LCD screen to work as viewfinder?

Heather said...

not yet! maybe I ought to read the book