Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fishing Adventure

Dad and I after our minor mishap of trying to go fishing on Monday, decided to go back and try again today.  It was nice, water was smoother, and more empty.

 You can see debris lines on the access road, this is to Twin Knobs/Alfrey Boat Launch. 

Dad had caught a couple Blue Gills, all too small to be worth taking home, but I caught this big fella, a small catfish.  Boy he sure threw me for a loop.  I was expecting just a larger Blue Gill, as to why it was fighting so much.  I couldn't pick him up out of the water with my pole, dad swooped in to save the day with the net.
Dad showing me how to clean a Catfish.  He couldn't remember everything either- it's been a while he says.  So I caught some dinner.

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Hayseed Happenings said...

And a tasty dinner it was!