Friday, July 15, 2011

Breyerfest Swap Meet

Sorry for the late posting, but had to put up pictures sometime!
Garmin leading me in the right direction.  I let her tell me where I was going just in case it wasn't where I had expected it to be.

 Sorry this picture is awful, but I took it as a quick snap with my cell phone when I had the least amount of people in the way-sorta, this one dude, I swear he was following me . . . .

 This beauty mare I picked up from someone, in their room.  I only paid $20 for her.  I have a seriously bad addiction to Roan horses. 

 I got this one out of the swap meet room itself, it makes the 5th carosel christmas ornament out of 11 in the series.  I'm working on getting the last 6.

These are the little plushies I had ordered from a girl off my horse forum, her mother makes them and they're just a little bit of my childhood that I loved.  My Little Ponies.  These are Northstar(pink pegasaus) and Sweet Stuff(Blue pony).  They are darling!  I had 4 ponies that had been my personal favorites, and these are two of them.  I have one more pegasaus and a unicorn. 

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