Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just some random thoughts

So after reading Mickie's blog, being all her thoughts, I figured it'd be an awesome idea if I could get my thoughts out there to see what all other folks thought about them. 
I have several wonderful trains going 'round and round in my head.
I have a list, several already, of rabbits that are going and staying this fall when I hit the show tables and Lucasville this fall.  I'm working on getting down to 15 Hollands for the winter, not counting the 5 New Zealands, 1 Lion Head, 2 Dutch and 2 Velveteen Lops.  That being said, I'm going to push a couple of my does for a litter with a buck that made the 'sell' list and both mother and father will go with all but 1 kit.  Right now there's only 5 adult Holland Lops that I have that I know for sure are staying- Gabriel, Skye, Speedle, Ezzy, and Maverick.  Gabriel, Skye and Speedle are due to their ages, they are old.  Ezzy is Skye's last child, Maverick is the only child I have left from his mother.  Right now Dalton and Charlie's son are nearer the top of the lists to keep.   Charlie, is a charlie broken Sable point that has the body and type to kill, but not enough color for showing.  I just traded for him and his son today- two of my babies.  and I'm hoping to keep both father adn son for improvement to my bloodlines, but Charlie may not make the cut depending on how his son turns out in October. 

Here's Dalton in the back, Charlie's boy in the front:
 Here's Charlie, he's got colored ears, nose and eye patches, but that's all.  Sadly~very nice body and type with the pedigree to boot.

Either way.  Now on to my random musings with my horses.  I do have someone that is interested in riding adn using Tessa, Megan's been looking for another horse to love and call her own since Bugsy had to be PTS.  While the family cannot afford to buy another horse yet, I told Megan and her mom that she is more than welcome to come, ride, show and love on Tessa as if she was her own. Megan's going to come out next weekend and try her out, see if it's something she'd be interested in.  Tessa's a wonderful horse, but still just simply too small for my comfort.  I'm one for not over mounting, but not under mounting a rider.  While Tessa can carry my weight without a problem, I am also too tall.  I look incredibly tall on her, hence had been the start to my search for a spotted draft, or a small belgian.  I had found one, the lady emailed when the filly was born, out of a belgian, 17.2 mare and a 16 hand paint stallion, but like the first foal the lady had, lost her to heat stroke.  This ugly weather has been widespread and got to everyone.  I'd be shocked if none of the folks that raise horses that I know hadn't had problems either.  She gave me the link to the Spotted Draft Registry so I've been looking on there, but it's still going to be a little while I think- but dang spiffy they had some nice studs standing in Georgia!  I guess I'll be grounded from riding for a while again, until Phoenix is sound and then Megan and I can take Tessa and Pheonix out for a trail ride. 
I know what I need and want.  Something between 15.3 hands and 17 hands- sturdy build and relaxed.  Maybe one day I'll be able to have the truck and trailer for hauling a big horse and then I'll be able to go to long trail rides and what nots with friends.  HAHA if ever I make any that are close enough to do this with!  For now it's just around Alfie's and maybe down the road at some point.  For now, I'll just keep saving up more money for a different/new saddle- and already have one of my other's sold-hopefully- I'll know that one by Friday when I have to go to Lexington to meet him. 

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