Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 2 of the exciting 5 Day weekend

This one was the Portsmouth RBA show in Piketon Ohio.  It was a very tiny show, smallest I have ever been to in my whole career.
I was one of 3 Dutch show folk.

 These two pictures are of the room, my back is to the little cafeteria area that had the food.  It was actually really pretty decent food too. 

I sold a Holland Lop doe for $35 and then in turn bought another New Zealand doe.  The guy had decided to sell out of his broken New Zealands so I took advantage of his 'lower' prices and got this little beautiful doe for $25.  She's not really related to my doe/buck and or to Kate either.  They do all share one common ancester but it won't be that big a deal.
Side shot
 Top shot.
And he was my best rabbit today.  My tort Senior buck- Colby Jr.- he was born at Lisa's and he was best buck, and came in Best Opposite Sex to a Black junior doe in both shows- lacking only because his coat wasn't fully back into form.  The second judge said if his coat had been in shape, he'd have taken Best of Breed.  Dang it!  Next time!

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