Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 4 was a Horsie Day

I tried Pheonix's new rain sheet on him for the rain shower this morning.  Fits good!  He enjoys it!

Also tried Bahloo and Cathryn's Saddle on Tessa to see if it fit her.
It fits her good so now I know what kind of saddle to aim for.
After dad left to go to the auction with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jim, I tried to see how Tessa was under bridle.
She let me mount but doesn't understand what I was asking of her.

Here she is modeling her bridle!  I put her bit into Jasmine's old english bridle
Then after cleaning one bunch of rabbit cages, I took the camera and sat out in the feild with Bahloo and Pheonix.

Tomorrow we have bunnies to butcher, I have the rest of the cages to clean and then tack to also clean and get oiled.  Maybe a quick ride on Bahloo or Phoenix if time permits

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