Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well, not much going on. . . .

Just to keep it simple, keep it neat.  I had the lady call me today, while I was over visiting Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jim and tell me she couldn't make it out today to see Tess, so I'm thinking for right now I'm going to hang onto her, hopefully free lease her out to Megan for a year or so and just keep my eye on her and see how she progresses.  She's starting to come up on her pasterns so I know she's gaining strength there- just how much will she gain???  If Meagn and Tess work well together come spring when she's actually allowed to start looking for a horse I'll give her option to Tess, it may work out good for her in the long run anyway. 
But for now Tess is staying here with me.  She must have knocked her ankle on something because one back leg is puffy and warm, so I rubbed it down with liniment for the evening.  She's still moving on it and it's not seeming to be causing any pain to her so I'm monitoring it, liniment and if it's still puffy come morning I'll get a wrap on it to help it. 
I took the camera out for the afternoon and just took some pictures of everything!
 MoJo laying nearby while I played with Ezzy's litter

 Ezzy's litter!  1 black, 1 seal and 2 Sable points!
Naturally the black and both sable points are males and the seal is the girl
Now onto horsie pictures!

 Tessy's starting to come up on the pasterns not alot but some is better than none.

Such a pretty head! 
Puffy ankle!
 I love his shading, Duns and Roans are so lost on me.  I just love the colorings.
'Whatcha want?  Can't you see I'm eating?' 

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