Saturday, October 15, 2011

Very Busy Saturday . . . .

Definently not in complete correct Order . . .

MoJo definently has the right idea here: SLEEP!
But this was later this afternoon, during the Yard-sale.

But my morning started at 4:45 when I got up to make sure I was awake by the time the shipper got here around 5:30. 
He got here 5:35.  Bahloo was walked around the front yard and got some probios into her gut.  Probios to add the extra micro organisms to her gut to make sure her transition is as smooth as possible.
I got her into the feild around 6 am, let her off her lead and just walked around the feild with her for 45 minutes.  The pictures are dark but they're there!

Then later on in the morning I went back out to feed her breakfast and take some more pictures- I was told to take PLENTY of pictures- that isn't a problem for me!
I had given her a good grooming, with some show sheen to add some oils to her fur to make it soft and shiney and some hoof conditioner since her feet looked dry to me. 
She's still lacking the Cowboy Magic detangler for her tail since I don't want to give her a good bath with it being this cold. 

I'm thinking of slowly moving her diet to Nutrena SafeChoice with some added Rice Bran Oil for weight and fur conditioning.  Jasmine *LOVED* the rice bran oil, she'd lick her bucket clean-not that Bahloo isn't or any of them for that matter, but the extra oil will give her the extra calories to help her gain a bit more weight and keep her coat shiney. 
The rabbits interested her, she would stand there and watch them over the gate for a while.

As for Tessa and Phoenix:
Tessa's gotten wayy over weight again on just the grass so this time I put a grazing muzzle on her for the day.  boy is she pissed at me.  She got it off her muzzle once, then I tightened it up a hole and she never got it off again, but she's still mad at me.
I took it off at the end of the day, as the sun was starting to set.  I had Bahloo over to touch noses with them and that was a bit interesting.  Tess and Bahloo seemed fine with each other- both in heat, but that can't be helped, but Pheonix on the other hand was being protective of his 'herd'-Tessa.  He wouldn't let Tessa near the fence and tried to chase Bahloo away, only for him to get smacked.  So tomorrow I'll take Tessa away from Phoenix and let the two mares in together and if that's kosher I'll take Phoenix out of the big feild and put the two mares in it together and leave Phoenix by himself for a few hours and then let him back out with the girls! 

And Court Days . . .
The pictures won't upload from the Laptop so it'll just have to be words.  Sheri had gone through Courtdays yesterday and saw that someone had Dutch out for sale.  Not pedigreed but from good stock- a judge out of Ohio- so I had to go check it out.  I've been needing another blue pair and a tort doe.  Well I got my tort doe, but the blue's he had just were not impressive looking to me so I passed on them, but got a Gray doe instead, that has awesome markings!  I got them home, clipped up their nails and found out the Gray doe is missing two of her back toes- there goes any notion of showing her! Oh well, the Dutchies make soem VERY good crockpot bunnies. . .

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Jim Warner said...

Welcome back to Kentucky, Bahloo! I know you'll have fun with her.