Friday, April 13, 2012

'Elephant' halter and pony pics.

It's on it's tightest holes so there's room for growth if needed!
It's wider than I wanted and it's not exactly purple

Before I got out there for morning brushing . . .

Gross and disgusting to me!  I nit-pick and have this OCD to keep the horses clean. She's a good horse, learning her quirks has kept me on my toes.  While I do sometimes get frustrated with her antics, she's still a loving mare. 
Me, quarter cup of Detangler and the brush were friends for Bahloo's swampy tail.  I got the brush through it without any more breakage in her tail!

All nice and clean!!  I know she's gone down into the pond to roll some more during the day, but at least she let me get some pictures before she got muddy!

Still shaggy and a bit thin, but we need the grass to grow and to do that it needs to rain!! 
Let it rain, let it rain!!!!

Heidi all clean as well!

Here's Xena's babies! 

3 boys, 2 girls. 
One of the Himi colored(looks white in the picture) is female as is the heavily marked baby, the others are boys!


sheltiemom said...

They look great all clean. Phoenix is so fuzzy still!

Cathryn said...

Bahloo's tail looks gorgeous. Nice job!