Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sad pony update

Bahloo's legs got clipped   . .  .  I didn't want to do it.  She's been loving the pond and it's mud fever or scratches, so I had to dry her legs out- meaning the feathering had to go . . .

Just look at her black legs from the pond.  This was this morning before I learned it was scratches/mud fever. 
So her legs were clipped, betadine scrubbed, air dried and then MTG rubbed in to help her legs.  I'll continue the MTG for a week and then allow the regrowth of the hair.

This was after the shifty clip job on her legs.  Dad was good enough to hold her while I clipped. 

The fronts aren't too awful-nothing noticeable from this distance.

But the back legs- uhg, the fur came off horribly . . .

This is the pile of feathering that was trimmed off.  IT filled a walmart bag- I about cried doing it, but it was for the better of her legs. 

Just Heidi and Phoenix Pic spamming here.  I had Heidi out hand grazing for a little while in the heat of the day-hence the haltered pictures.

I had to get the two together so I can compare sizes again!  Gosh I forget how big she is.

Munching in my pasture.


sheltiemom said...

I'm sorry. I cried the first time I had to shave my persians because of the ringworm. Her feet don't really look that bad. It does grow back. The important thing is getting it treated.

Heather said...

Yes and I've gotta check Heidi's legs just in case too. I really don't want to clip hers as well, but if I have to do it, I have to do it.
My clippers might do the llama's!!

Cathryn said...

It's not too horrible and like Lisa said, the important thing is the treatment. Thanks for taking care of her.

Heather said...

treated and stinky! that MTG really works, but why does it have to smell so BAD?

Good stuff is always nasty(taste or smell apparently!), why is that??
Heidi's are dry-for now, but she doesn't play in the pond like Bahloo does. I chose to not rope off the pond as they do like going down there alot and I don't have a solar box or electric fencing to rope off the pond either. One leg is still a little bit sensitive today to the MTG but the other three are not. After this round of MTG she'll get another bath to try and wash some of the smell away.