Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hand grazing pictures

And the finished front gate to the barn!
Dad and I had to raise the front gate up about 4.5 inches so it would clear the ground and actually open, we did this on the 16th.  The top of the gate is about level with the top of the fence. 

Today was just a tired, lazy laid back sorta day.  Still waiting for some rain so the grass will grow(and less dust), the horses are scrounging for grass to eat and are still picking at the hay, so Dad and I took the trio out back to Alfie's to hand graze for 45 minutes or so.
Dad took Bahloo

*ps I have  no clue what he was pointing at

I had Heidi, but I also walked Phoenix back and looped the rope around his neck, I know he won't run off.

Not too shabby for 28 years old . . .

I had let go of Heidi for a few pictures. 
I had dad take a couple when we got them back into our pasture, it's just so shocking at how big Heidi really is compared to the others. 

Me showing dad the whole thing with the canine's- how Bahloo doesn't have 'em, nor Phoenix.  Couldn't get a picture of those canine teeth(Heidi's the only one with Canine's)  but now dad has seen them! 

As you can see, Bahloo's legs don't look horrible.  day 2 of the MTG treatment and they do look awesome!  I scraped what I think is near the last of the bumps off today so a few more days of MTG and then let the hair re-grow! 
Still trying to get it to rain, thinking this time I'll just open a truck window and leave it open for a little while-hope that entices mother nature to rain on us. 


Miranda said...

Are you sure that they are canine teeth?? Because pretty much all horses have canine teeth. You are most likely seeing wolf teeth, which are usually removed because they can be quite painful with a bit. Not all horses grow wolf teeth. They are small and sit between the canines and the premolars in the "bit- groove"

Heather said...

I had done what I could to research them and that was the best I could find as there 4 of 'em, 2 top 2 bottoms- everything I read said there's only top wolf teeth-didn't strike me as right. When Dr Joe is out for Pheonix's shots I'll have him take a quick look though.