Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bunnies Moved!!

The starting of the shelving unit, we had a few minute break because the hammer wasn't being nice to dad's finger. I took a quick picture. Looks like a cattle chute, doesn't it?

No more delay so no more time thought to take any pictures, almost drove off without a finished picture! Bad me. Well here's the one side with everyone(and yes I know exactly who's where). There's still a little shuffling to do to get everyone into good spots and to put a little more organization to them.
Top row: Speedle, Lana and Desiree, Syd.
Middle row: Sam, Rachel and babies, Colby
Bottom row: Popcorn and White Gold, Skye, Gabriel, Blaze is still stacked in the corner.

and the holder is now full and super sturdy. Mimzy and Keisha are on top, Jules and Lindsay in the middle and right now it's just Amita on the bottom, but that will change tomorrow when Rachel goes over and joins her.
Not that many people know each bunny by name, at least many of you know them by breed or their fur type.

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Cathryn said...

Hey, wait! Don't you mean Rachel and Lily and the rest of the babies?!