Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hoep bunny update, Leah's romp

Just a random picture of Oriana trotting towards me. Gotta love the flies!!

I took Parker out to take a picture of him. He's starting to look Tort-Otter, not just Tortiose, but I'll see what other breeders say.

This is baby Timmy. I had been holding him for Samantha and he's been over in the Hope barn, but Samantha doesn't want him anymore so He'll be listed on Craigslist and on my rabbitry site as for sale.

I had Leah outside loose, before I brought the x-pen over. She hopped around the barn and never ran away from me. I could out run her anyway because of her bum leg.

So exhausting running around that barn, had to stop in the shade.

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