Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peaceful sorta Day

The tomato plants are doing wonderfully! I guess the fertilizer is working well, two of the cages are bent at least. We will have to figure out a different method next year for the tomato cages.

I was finally able to use my swimsuit today, I never did jump out of the boat, but I got wet at the launch with the little fish nipping at my legs. It was stormy out at Cave Run Lake. I was able to get this picture when we had stopped so dad could jump out of the boat. You can see the rain in the background.

This is Nessa, she's a Blue English Spot, I will be picking her up in August when I take a weekend trip up to Penn. They are a much leaner meat rabbit, but also love to hop and move, they are quite entertaining to see on the show table. I will hopefully try to show her to see how she does. Cindy's Spots are the best in the North East.

This is the buck, he's named after a Flashpoint character, Micheal Scarlatti AKA Spike. He's a lilac. There is a Lilac doe that I am going to get, this one will be sight unseen unless Cindy happens to text me down a picture of the other doe.

Phoenix and Oriana seem to be much better together, he still doesn't let her under the horse port with Heidi when he's with Heidi but at least the two will graze near each other. I had to pull burdocks out of Oriana and Heidi's manes and forlocks. I wonder where they are going to pick those up. I'm just glad they didn't get them in their tails. I can only image what what would have been like to clear out of those tails- thickest two in the feild.

Heidi let me take a picture of her's. Of coarse I think she was trying to see if posing would get her more cookies-it did of coarse. Oriana didn't like being seen with them and she let me yank them from her head. Heidi let me work them out gently. I will have to go on a Burdock plant hunt next Sunday. I have a faint idea(creek bed) were they might have picked them up, so hand saw and I will be friends on Sunday. The only part of that is I don't understand why Jazz doesn't have any. I know Jazz will go down into the creek area, but she was clear of them. HHMMMM very puzzling bunch.

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