Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh So Lovely Rain!!!

I took a quick run over this morning in the rain, I had gotten up early enough so I could make the run and pull off the girls and Phoenix's fly masks and wash them. Girls are nice and wet and much cooler.
Can see Oriana's star marking now! I seem to have an affinity for star markings, Jazz and Phoenix both have only star markings. Oriana's got star, stripe and snip plus 3 socks. *Smile* I'm getting better.

I went ahead and taped Leah's hocks together it pulled her knee into the place it needed to, so hopefully, so long as she leaves it alone, the rest of her foot *might* come back around or her knee is a lost cause. I have gotten ahold of Marilyn and she is doing the re-breed with Leah's parents so I will be getting another doe from her. Rachel wants a pair from her as well, so I'll get to drive to WV again! Yee Haww!
Sorry not much of an update but I am trying to get this done before I go to work. Being speedy!

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