Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oriana/Spudley Comparisons & Tessa Pictures!!!

Compare the two, slightly different stances. Oriana's still purdy though.
After putting Oriana up to breed standards late last night, I have fully decided that she's not Arabian. If matched to Spudley(the Liver Chestnut gelding in the second picture) is a Registered Morgan gelding, Oriana matched right up to Morgan standards. She's a small Morgan at 14 Hands(Spudley was 14.1HH). Okay, so I have a Bay Arabian, a Gray Morgan, a Solid Red Dun Appaloosa, and a Golden Dun Quarter Horse.


Her sock marking, I LOVE the little dots down by her right rear hoof. Only markings on her body other than her face.

Stunning Mane! She's a Golden Dun, thanks to the dorsal strip, Buckskins don't have them, but I do like the duns for their manes!

Another face shot. She was licking me up and down so it was a tad difficult to get pictures.

Her face again, she was licking my fingers after the treats that I had in my pocket.

This was the only distance shot I got, that was just as she noticed me entering her pasture. Right now she's 14 HH, but her rump is still four to five inches higher than her shoulders, giving her room to grow. Once they balance, she'll be at full height. I have a few pictures of Tessa's mother, a gorgeous roan paint, and of their buckskin gelding pasture mate one of his back. He has a very sparse mane-thinner and more sparse than Pheonix's!

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