Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flash Flooding anyone???

Well teh storms today left quite a bit of water in their wake.  Dad and I were at work, but Mom did go out and take these pictures for us.  I'm more than happy to oblige and share.

 The creek running behind Alfie's, not normally that visible.

 As you can tel it's very high, the road disappears.

 That's our part of the creek, Definently not that high normally.  It's runing through the field back there too.
So much for that grass seed I put on my banks . . .
 This little fella got run down stream.  Hopefully he makes it back to his home and not attached to someone's shoes, boots, or toes.
Little bit o'water and you can see the debris on my fence too. 

I'm proud Mom actually went out and got pictures, without us even asking her to!  Glad I got her that camera now!


sheltiemom said...

The pictures are great. That's some serious water. That's way more than we got.

Anne said...

Wow, hope your rubber boots don't have any leaks!

Heather said...

nope! No holes- yet