Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flooding of Howards Mill

These are all from Howard's Mill.  I dared to travel it today to see how bad the water still was a day after all the rain.  The guys driveway is somewhere under all that Water.
 He'd need more than a boat to get across that now!

 We turned around last night before this point, dad's car couldn't go through the water that was there, but it's lower today.  Only 8 or so inches deep if I took a guess on the depth as I drove through it today, behind a silverado.  He eventually turned around.
 Looking out the side as I drove through.  That's supposed to be a cattle pasture, not a lake.  I promise.  I went slow but not terrible depth there. 

This is Slate Creek.  It doesn't normally go that high, but the bridge was dry.  Thankfully there wasn't many people around as I was able to stop in the middle of the road and take pictures. 

 I was more hesitant at this spot.  The truck coming on I had watched go past where I had backed into a driveway to wait go up the road and then I came down to it when the silverado truck I had been following had backed up in the next driveway and turned around, going back to avoid the water.  He wasn't daring the water.  I was still thinking about it.
This guy had gone through it once and then came back.  He was a Kentucky State DOT dude-in a Ford F150.  He talked to me once he got up to me, and told me he'd wait to make sure I got it all the way through but so long as I stay slow and let the truck idle it's own way through.  I made it, but boy I wouldn't do it again!!!  Very nerve wracking!

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