Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meat Pen Buns, new Brood doe, Aragorn getting ready, Storm working

Very busy day, and hopefully productive.
Dad and I drove down to Irvine to pick up a couple meat pen bunnies that dad wanted for a trade deal he has going with a buddy of his.  I'm giving Trishy a couple months off before breeding again. 

We stuck to all does for now, these two are in with that satin mix that I picked up after being told it was a californian x new zealand cross(which she isn't, she won't get that big) These two does are in with that other mix doe as the first 3 to the meat pen trade.

They had one black, 4 whites and 1 smutty red there so I took a quick look over the little black doe.  She's got good shoulders and a thick hindquarter so we shall see how she grows out.  If she doesn't grow out decently, she'll go into the meat pen and I'll wait and find a good doe from a show.  I'm still learning how to body type the New Zealands for the good large stock breeding body.
 I got Aragorn  ready for his 'hot date' tomorrow.  Got his nails all clipped back so he doesn't hurt Rosie.  He could smell where I had the meat pen does on the table before him.  Oh he's ripping, and ready for her!!!

For the storms that flew past last night.
 This tote *had* been by the shed, but you can see if took a mini flying lesson in the wind last night.
 This one took a large flying lesson to the horse pasture, in the drainage ditch.

 I took a trip to Sheri's to bring her the baby Holland Lop that her daughter had bought from me.  The guys driveway is somewhere in there . . . Howard's Mill was a little high in water, as was the road down by Sheri's. 
I was contemplating getting on Tessy for a ride, but I didn't want to dare and mess with the gusting wind.  So maybe first thing in the morning if it's not raining and gusty out.  I can't wait, I'm nervous, scared and thrilled all at once.

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sheltiemom said...

We want pictures of the ride on Tessy!