Saturday, April 2, 2011


The baby english spots were playing peek-a-boo with me, I tried to get a picture, only ended up getting their ears out of many tries.   

Little Ears! 

They finally decided it was nap time and all piled back up in the back of the box to sleep.

 The velveteen Lop butts, they didn't find me quite as interesting as the back wall, that or they figured it was nap time and I was being a pest.

 Baby Morgan always comes up to greet me as soon as I open the cage he's in with his mom and sister.  His ears are starting to lop over too.  He's such a cutie

 Phoenix, still all fuzzy.  You would not believe how fuzzy he gets in the winter, and he still can't keep himself warm!  He has such a thick blanket that he likes.

 Tessy's going to shed that pretty dark coloring. 
But what a gorgeous face.

Laying together in the sunshine and wind. 

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