Thursday, April 7, 2011

Second day of fence work

 Today at Ag Wood, Dad's saw was being bad.  The guys there had to pull out their Stil saw to actually get it cut, but at least the Husquvarna got out and gave it a defiant try!  He got almost one post cut off before the Stil came out. 
 The 6 posts on the trailer at Walmart when we stopped so dad could run in and get a screen kit.
 The truck bed when we got home.  3 bags of the concrete in the bed, 50 pound bag of seed and a square bale of hay for the buns.
 This is how we moved the posts out ot the feild.  The feild has been seeded, and re-dragged.
 My tailgate does go down and not hit the trailer.  Strick one up for no bed liner! 
 Barely though, very very close quarters.
 More pictures of Tessy! 
 Look at the way her face is shading and shedding out!  Stunning little girl.  She'll be 3 years old in little over a week. 
Isn't she so pretty???  Not to mention well muscled and put together. 

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